Tree Transplanting

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Tree Transplanting

With our range of excavators, skid steers and telehandlers fitted with state of the art tree spade attachments we are able to transplant medium to small trees without damaging the roots systems and keeping the immediate soil structure intact.


This system works wonders for orchids where we have been able to transplant in excess of 700 trees per week as well as moving high value trees for nurseries and land owners without having to destroy the tree, which then gives the tree the best chance for survival.

Moving Trees between Towns

Moving of trees between towns or cities is no problem as we have the trucks and attachments to deal with the application. Our excavators and skid steers work efficiently, speedily as well as economically which ensures that the transplanting is carried out correctly and timorously. We can also manuvour into the smallest of spaces to lift closely planted trees without causing any damage.

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