Mechanised Debushing

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Mechanized De bushing and Site Clearing

We have the solution for clearing large tracks of land or small plots of invasive trees and shrubs or problematic bush with our skid steers and excavators fitted with mulchers and brush mowers. Our services are ideally suited for property developers wishing to get rid of bush at a highly competitive cost, game farmers and stock farmers wishing to thin out trees and shrubs so their animals can gain access to more grazing or environmental conditions requiring trees to be removed.

  • We are also able to clear dense growth of shrubs where this is the dominant competing vegetation.

  • If you have well established gorse bushes, mechanical clearing is what you need.

  • Our excavators reduce the gorse to a fine mulch.

  • Chipped material from the mulching can be left to decompose, stock-piled for later or be worked into the soil to form compost for future plant growth.

  • Our methods of site clearing are done both quickly and efficient.

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