Wood Chipping Benefits

Our quick, reliable woodchipping service is excellent for anyone with large amounts of garden waste. The woodchippings can be used as a mulch, which can help reduce the need for chemical weed controls in your garden. Also, as putting garden waste in landfill contributes to the creation of methane gas, by woodchipping it instead you’re helping to reduce the amount of harmful greenhouse gases.

  • Controlling weeds and clearing ground. They work by depriving weeds of light, which they need to grow;

  • Mulches are placed on the surface of the soil and can vary from light excluding membranes to loose shredded prunings. To ensure success it is important to use the appropriate mulch for your particular needs;

  • Woody prunings and other woody material produced in the garden (excluding manufactured wood products), can be chipped for use as mulch. These are best heaped up to compost for a few months before use on planted areas.

  • Composting will darken the colour of mulch, giving it a more attractive appearance. The addition of nitrogen rich material such as grass mowings, nettle liquid and nitrogen rich manures to the heap of shredded material will help speed up the process. Why not consider buying a discounted composter through our county wide scheme;

  • Mulch should be applied after any compost and organic fertilisers have been added to the soil. It should always be applied to warm, moist and weed-free soil;

  • When using loose mulch such as your chippings, top up as required (usually every year or two) to maintain a minimum 100mm weed-suppressing layer.

bandit 1590

With our Bandit 1590 we are able to chip trees and vegetative matter up to 43cm. We can stock pile chips on-site or remove the chips from site.